Residents are cautioned to avoid clothes washing if they are aware of hydrants being flushed nearby

As part of a city-wide water system and fire hydrant maintenance program, Martinsville Water Resources and Fire Department personnel will be systematically flushing fire hydrants within the city according to the following schedule, weather permitting.

Hydrants will be flushed Sunday through Saturday between 4 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Individual hydrants will be inspected more closely and repaired, if necessary, over several weeks after flushing is completed. In addition, hydrants will be color coded to indicate how much fire flow can be obtained from each hydrant.  Hydrant flow availability varies depending upon pressure and main size associated with each hydrant.

  • 30-Oct. 4: All areas west of Market Street and north of the railroad; including West Church Street, Fayette Street to the West Corporate Limit, Memorial Blvd from the railroad to the North Corporate Limit, and all adjacent streets.
  • 7-11: Northeastern portion of the City; including East Church Street from Starling Avenue to the East Corporate Limit, Commonwealth Blvd. from Fairy Street to Chatham Road, Blankenship Road, and all adjacent streets.
  • 14-18: Brookdale and Spruce streets to Parkview Avenue, Mulberry Road from Starling Avenue to Sheraton Court, all of Rives Road and adjacent streets.

Periodic flushing is necessary to clear normal sediment from lines and ensure that the hydrants are functional for fire protection purposes, according to Mike Kahle, director of water resources. Because sediment will be disturbed, some dingy water can be expected, but the dinginess should disappear in a short time. Any persistent cloudiness can usually be cleared by briefly opening all faucets in the building simultaneously.

Residents are cautioned to avoid clothes washing if they are aware of hydrants being flushed nearby.  While any sediment stirred up has been disinfected by chlorine in the water supply, the dinginess can still stain clothes if it is drawn into the washing machine in sufficient quantity.

Flushing schedules will be announced later for remaining portions of the city.

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