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(NEW YORK) — Nick Saban, the head coach of the University of Alabama’s football team, has tested positive for COVID-19.

“I found out earlier this afternoon that I had tested positive for COVID-19,” the 68-year-old said in a statement Wednesday. “I immediately left work and isolated at home.”

“At this time, I do not have any symptoms relative to COVID, and I have taken another PCR test to confirm my diagnosis,” he added.

The coach said he informed his team of his positive test Wednesday afternoon on a Zoom call.

“[I] let them know offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian will oversee preparations at the complex while I work from home,” Saban said in his statement.

Greg Byrne, Alabama’s athletic director, has also since tested positive for COVID-19. The university plans to test everyone involved in the football program on Thursday.

While he isolates at home, Saban, the highest paid college football coach in the country at over $9 million a year, said he will continue to monitor the team’s practices virtually. He did so on Wednesday via Zoom.

“I had the manager have a phone,” he told reporters. “If I wanted a play repeated, I said, ‘Repeat that play. So-and-so messed up.’ I didn’t leave the country or anything. I’m just right down the street. And we have this technology, so it’s really unique.”

Alabama, the second-ranked team in the country, is gearing up to play No. 3 Georgia on Saturday.

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